Why Your Roll Deserves a Tip

April 29, 2017

Why Your Roll Deserves a Tip

By Victoria Dekker

It’s 4:18 p.m. on a Sunday, and you’ve just rolled the picture-perfect joint with the last of your favourite flower: no creases, no bulges and it’s just the right size for your sacred late-afternoon sesh.

But, hold up. Something’s missing – a filter. You fumble in your clutch for a wayward business card, or something, anything else you can tear up and roll up, but return empty-handed.

So goes the struggle for a smoker, that constant, last-minute scramble for a scrap piece of cardboard to shove at the base of an all-but-perfect joint. But as cannabis culture continues to evolve, innovative brands are steadily emerging to fill the gaps in a mature marijuana consumer’s ritual. The latest offering for your go-to gear kit? Filter tips.

cannabis filter tips

Pre-packaged tips are gaining traction with the combustion-friendly community, who opt for a time-honoured method of consumption: rolling, blazing and toking. While little else has changed about rolling and smoking a joint, filter tips offer a refined, practical addition to the ritual. 

The thoughtfully engineered adornments solve a few problems for modern tokers, running the gamut from fashion to function.

More flow, less mess.

Where practicality is concerned, filters improve the airflow through a joint, facilitating a more even burn and fewer runs. Further, a firm-sided cylinder keeps a joint from inevitably sealing with resin or saliva at the end, allowing tokers to keep passing it to the left until all the bud has been consumed.

Keeping you fresh and fabulous.

And when it comes to that sticky, pungent resin, a filter tip helps preserve your manicure, your pearly whites and your lipstick. Any residue that travels down the paper will get absorbed the filter, and avoid contact with a smoker’s mouth and fingertips; no more embarrassing amber stains, and no need to run to the bathroom to scrub those hands post-session.

Good to the last puff.

You paid a lot for your cannabis and perhaps you’re even using it for medicinal purposes, so don’t let any of it go to waste. Adding a filter tip to your joint means no more smelly roaches to stash, and every last gram of that precious flower goes up in smoke.

If your ritual is crying out for a little extra flair, a fashionable filter tip can add a little extra aesthetic to the circle. Paired with a clear, or ultra-thin, translucent rolling paper, a pretty-printed filter tip will elevate your sesh and serve as a refined signature element. Conscious brands use environmentally and health-friendly materials, including chlorine-free paper and post-consumer waste.

Designer Joint Filter

And hey, bonus points for preparedness – roll with a pack of filter tips in your clutch, and you’ll never get caught scrambling past 4:20 again.

Give your smoke sesh some sass with CROWNS; eco-friendly paper tips that come in six fun patterns! Shop the collection.  



Victoria DekkerVictoria Dekker is an award-winning print and online journalist, covering life, culture and business in the cannabis sphere and beyond. Connect with her on Twitter @deadtowrite.